I live in Portland, Oregon, and moved here from New York City in 2009. I’ve been a runner for over almost 20 years, and worked for many years as a personal trainer (NSCA-CSCS) and running coach (USATF) to help other people get as much out of exercise as I do. I am now one of the owners of an active transportation (bicycle, pedestrian, trail) planning and design firm headquartered in Portland with 30 offices across North America. On any given day, you will find me puttering around my garden, foraging, riding my bike, running in Forest Park, baking bread, birdwatching, or daydreaming about all of the above. I hope to add fly-fishing and more travel to this list.

This blog was created in 2004 to track my training for the New York City Marathon, and has morphed into a journal celebrating multiple career changes, physical aspirations, and passion. I’m an OSU Master Gardener volunteer, the new grounds caretaker of the Mazamas Mountaineering Center, and wife to an extraordinary man named Eric. Amo la vita!

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