On Turning 40 {soon}…and Running

Well, not yet at least. But 2016 will be a big year, and I’ve started to think about the significance of turning 40. Is there any big momentous thing I’d like to do to celebrate it. Is there any way I want to ramp up to the big event. Here are some thoughts below.

  • Try a biathlon. Like a real one. With a gun.
  • Run a trail race in 2016 that’s longer than 15 miles. It’s been awhile. Train well, add more strength and mobility back in, plus regular care like chiro and massage. I really am enjoying all of the trail races I’ve built up to this year. Thank you MacKenzie W, Kori B, Karrla S, Kellie O, Tricia T for the inspiration to go long off the beaten path. It would be lovely to have company on some of these (hint, hint!!). And of course I wouldn’t be anywhere without my husband’s support. Possibilities:

This awesome-looking snow trail race, which may not happen in 2016.

Peterson Ridge Rumble 20 miler in Sisters, OR

Mary’s Peak 25k in Blodgett, OR

Yakima Skyline 25k in Yakima, WA

The ultimate, the Angel’s Staircase 35k in Carlton, WA

  • In addition to the master gardeners, find another way to give back. Influencing others in a positive way is something I would like to do more of. But perhaps something like beekeeping is an equally powerful gesture. Or something as simple and obvious as doing the Mazamas tree planting, or helping with the MMC property maintenance.
  • Not getting stung on the crown of my head by a bee.
  • I miss teaching and coaching more than anything. I’m thankful to be able to do this at work, but it’s great to share other things that I’m passionate about. Perhaps I revive some classes I used to teach, or start something new. I also don’t want to over-program my time and lose out on the fun of spontaneity.

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