Weeks three and four #40to15

Two more weeks of training have passed, and I’ve had some ups and downs.

Last week I ran twice during the workweek, a mild run on Saturday, and a 12-mile run on Sunday.  The long run, I took Leif up to Alder, then ran Wildwood for several miles until I reached a picnic area surrounded by trees. I took the wrong path, and ended up descending the “Nature Trail,” a lovely narrow trail that switch-backed to a stream, which led, to my surprise, to the Leif Erikson Trail, at about mile three. I had a gel, and took the Chestnut Trail back up to the Wildwood, which led me back up (up up up) to the picnic area! I returned the away I came, and ran an extra mile or so on the Leif to make up some miles. Funny, I felt better on the Wildwood than descending on the Leif. Those last miles were tortuous and rocky and hard. Like walking on hot coals. My feet in my new shoes were tired but toe-pointing uphill so much. Total elevation: 1,650 feet. 

Last week was smooth, though I ran less mileage than planned. I think that lesser mileage and intensity negatively affect my long run today. Today I ran a similar course, but took Cherry up to Wildwood instead of Alder.  I knew the elevation gain would be more severe. But it must have kicked my ass, bc the rest of the run was torture, especially for my glutes. I wanted to run the entire 6ish miles out along the Wildwood, but past the Chestnut trail junction it got so muddy, I was practically walking, so I turned around. Ran back down Chestnut, on Leif for a bit, and back up Chestnut. I don’t like runs that are solely for the purpose of getting distance in, which is how today felt. By the time I finished , but legs felt like they were going to snap off at the hip. Total elevation: 2,100 feet. Gels: 2, but I don’t know if I needed the second. Took me about 2:20. I took a few breaks to look around and recover when needed. 

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