40 days to 15

It’s 3/29/15, my 39th birthday weekend (day before my birthday). I’m in the car with my husband, Eric, headed to Astoria to spend the night and relax. Eric and I recently ran the Shamrock 15k, which we do annually in an attempt to offset the damage of the Portland winter to the body and soul. We had been talking about running a half marathon soon thereafter, since we will already be trained up, and why let that fitness go? I found a posting about the Smith Rock half marathon in May, and at the same time, also discovered that there is a 15mile trail run the same weekend. Hmmm. So Eric casually mentioned this to a friend, who had also considered that race, and also shared that the trail run features a 3,000 foot elevation gain.  She had been considering it, but wasn’t 100% either. Now I was interested.

Fade back to the car ride to Astoria. A series of texts between me and our friend resulted in a serious discussion about whether she and I could do this. And whether my husband was interested in doing the half marathon road race.  There were only 4 spots left for the trail run, which really made us scratch our heads. This race sounded so challenging. I haven’t run more than one half marathon a year in over five years ( meaning, I used to run much more frequently). And we only, at that point, had 40 days to train. That seemed like enough. 30 minutes later she and I registered for the race, and claimed two of the last four spots. My reasoning was, if I wait until the end of the weekend and the race has sold out, how will I feel. Bummed out was my response. So here we are.


p.s. The race sold out within a few days.

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