Potato cage harvest day. Results? Meh.

Knowing how much my husband enjoys potatoes, this year I set out to grow a whole bunch of different varieties, having had success with potatoes on my Portland lot in past years. This spring I set out to try “potato cages,” chicken wire circles of potatoes seeds in which you top with dirt as the plants grow. In theory you are supposed to end the season by opening the wire cylinders, and the potatoes pour out of the dirt. Here are some photos of my denouement.

Yay, the sprouts are starting!
Up comes the growth. In goes new dirt mounded around it. I heard that when the blossoms come, it’s too late to mound any more dirt.
Here was my great moment. Un-fastened the binding on the chicken wire. Carefully brushed away the dirt that I used to mound the plants. Expected tons of potatoes to tumble out and cover my feet. “Too many!” I anticipated exclaiming to myself, and any neighbors watching the nutty lady who turned her perfectly good lawn into a vegetable garden and orchard. But alas, nothing, until I dug down.
I found the potatoes way down below, as if I just grew them regularly, sans cage.
This is the ‘Butterfinger.’
There were plenty of potatoes down below at root level. In this potato cage I grew ‘Yukon Gold’ and ‘Butterfinger.’
The tool I use to carefully dig ’em out.
Little ones clinging to the last of the shoots.
Rinsey, rinsey, with Eric’s help.


Two of his favorite things, besides me!

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