Mid/late spring/April – more wet and cold

The second part of April has been equally rewarding. After so many months of nada, it’s been so wonderful to see all of my things growing and thriving. I hope they are getting strong while we have the rain, so that this summer, when things dry up, they have a good start to staying healthy. Here’s what’s happening around the garden.

Gor-geous french sorrel. It’s a sour as I’ve read, and makes a great accompaniment to dishes that need a little acidity and citrus notes.
New bed alert! I’m taking down the parking strip. Here’s the first stage. Laid down sheets of cardboard that I got from the local feed shop, and put a half yard of soil on top from Mt Scott Fuel. Planted some stuff. Will add mulch. There are some very awful weeds under there.
New bed, part 2: am planting as many perennials as I can to make this a ‘food forest’ as per permaculture teachings. Here we see a rosa rugosa (the hips!), and in the background a new mulberry tree, that is surrounded by jerusalem artichokes – the Stampede variety.
New parking strip bed, viewed from the other perspective, towards the house. Mulched over. I also added some artichoke seeds, and a scarlet runner bean tepee.
Another new bed alert! This is near the Liberty Apple. It’s essentially my first keyhole bed. I planted many Walla Walla Onions, with elephant garlic, with some of the bronze fennel behind it (to provide variety in the bed, and the darker fennel spreads out of control less than the green kind).
Late April plantings in the herb spiral. Drought resistant varieties still on the outside. Planted a shit-ton of chamomile inside/left. Still figuring out what to do with the right side. I have a pineapple sage to get in the ground, which I know will get MUCH bigger so I’m no sure this is the right space.
Lots of strawberry blossoms, yay!

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