Update on the chickens!

The three chicks, Blondie, Blackie, and Baldie, are now about 10 weeks old. I’ve switched their feed to the next level, as directed by the feed shop, and Eric and I are in the last stages of planning the coop and house. We’ve sited it near the compost pile so I can easily deal with what I clean out of it each week, and it’s in a spot that I hope will make it convenient to walk around it and gather eggs, etc. We’ll be incorporating a secure run for them, but I plan to let them roam the fenced backyard on weekends (supervised) when they’re a bit older. Here are some photos – they’ve grown so quickly!

Blackie – she’s the first one who’s voice has started changing.
The ever-bossy Blondie. You can see some bluish tones in her legs. She’s the one that will lay blue/green eggs.
Baldie (she had a white patch on her head when she was a chick). Not sure about her yet. She sort of follows the others. A little withdrawn.
Baldie navigating a perch.
Hanging food system I devised. They weren’t too excited at first. Now Blondie apparently tries to stand on it. I cannot wait for them to be outside.

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