Late spring garden 06-01-13: Plantings for summer

The fava beans are ready for early harvest. I think I’m supposed to wait until the pods turn black to dry them. For now, I can cook them like string beans.
Gorgeous potato blossoms. This particular potato plant is larger than the rest, the “French” new potatoes. Lovely Eric in the background.
We ate the first artichoke last week. Steamed in with a clove of garlic and bay leaf in the water. Then dipped the leaves in olive oil + salt. And cut up the heart.
I expanded Bed #1. Used the Mount Scott Fuel soil (wouldn’t recommend, it dries like concrete) to raise the bed.
The raccoons have been destroying our backyard lately, trying to get to our compost I think. This weekend I moved the lights to the front walkway (photo) and bought straw from the farm supply store on SE Belmont to dry out the compost (we’ve had black flies and the coons. Yuck).
Side yard bed with borage and echinacea. I’m trying to give it some structure with the bamboo ‘fence’ and dogwood twigs.
New bed, in progress. This is our parking strip on SE 59th. I planted the Nootka Rose on the left a few weeks ago. I added roman chamomile, middle, and the hyssop, right. I don’t the the chamomile is going to make it. This is the Mount Scott Fuel dirt that dries like concrete.
Infrastructure!! I build some steps this weekend, on the side yard. Potted lemon balm in the background. Finally, a use for the concrete dirt.
Planted peppers in expanded Bed #1.
Got the tomatoes in. Front = green zebra. Back = willamette tomato. Marigold and nasturtium surround.
Eric and I went on the “NATURESCAPING FOR BACKYARD HABITATS YARD TOUR” this weekend, and this ocean spray is my first big shrub purchase! Put it next to the Doug Fir. Also purchased salmon berry for the backyard (part sun).
New pathway, ground cleared.
To the winner go the spoils.
Trying…but I’m more interested in permaculture and edibles. I’ve spent alot on non-native decoratives, so…I’ll have to switch gears.




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