Swim class #2 – working on the pull

This week’s class was even better than last week. Today we warmed up with the paddle board to work our kick and then we did a few laps of slow freestyle. Then Dee had us use these hand fin things with a floaty between our thighs that we had to squeeze. Without kicking, we swam laps using the fins to train our muscles to feel the propulsion sensation of using our arms. The fins forced us to scoop the water upon entering our arm, and place our hand a certain way upon entry. The floater between our knees buoyed our hips up and all of us were alarmed at how rolly it felt. But our cores caught on after a few laps and that was no longer an issue. Then we tried the same exercise without the floater, kicking. And then without the hand fins. It really made a difference!

Another coach, Collin, shared the tip that tucking your chin to bring your head down will get your hips up (legs dropping otherwise). And you don’t need as much air as you think. Little breaths are okay, and a little water in the mouth if also okay. Swallow or spit (my words).

My issues: if a little water gets in my mouth, I panic a little, but focusing on something else, like my kick during breathing in, dissipates it. Also, I’m still having issues with goggles letting water in or fogging up. I finally got a good position, and made myself keep them on in between laps. But alas, my preferred position resulted in a black eye. Attractive! I’m heading to Athletes Lounge to buy a new set. Who knew my skull/eye socket shape is so incompatible with goggles.



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