New Goals for 2013

I’m a big goal setter and faithfully post my intentions for the coming year, which have almost always solely focused on fitness, racing, climbing, and the spaces in between, like restoration/rehabilitation.

This year I am choosing to recognize the way my free time and hobbies have shifted from hours of time in the gym, to hours (and hours) spent in my garden and running around Mount Tabor Park foraging as I catch my breath at the top of a hill.

Here are my 2013 goals with regards to this new way of life. Though I admit, these activities are pretty much exactly what I used to do during my adolescence in Ringwood [foraging, taking photos of flower arrangements, studying plants and learning their names and qualities, admiring the way a pine bough encases an outdoor space like a shelter, wishing I could camp in my backyard (and now I can and have!)].

– Pursue the NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat program for my property.

– Pursue the Audubon Backyard Habitat Certification program, a bit more consuming.

– Consider the OHSU Master Gardener program.


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