Spring Garden 3-10-13

Chives have re-emerged. I thought they were annual. Maybe they just re-seeded?
Healthy, happy cover crops in Bed #3. Bird net (aka “cat litter box protector”) works.
Oh cleaver. How you vex me. And even more infuriating is that I now know your leaves are edible and your fruits can be dried and made like coffee (you are in the same family as coffee after all).
Cheers, slugs! Welcome to my cloche. First round is on the house.
Wild hyacinths are starting to show their blossoms.
New artichoke mid-screen. My Leccino olive tree on the left will soon need a mate if I ever expect any olives. Hoping Portland Nursery or One Green World will carry the Arbequina soon. Pile of stuff in the upper part is my permiculture compost lasagna experiment. Hoping to get the dirt going and plant flowers there this year.
One of the first spring flowers I noticed in Portland is the hellebore. Here is the blossom of the “Sparkling Diamonds” variety that I blindly bought on sale last year. Gorgeous.

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