Best Moments of 2012


  • Finding our house in such a nice neighborhood. Having our offer accepted.
  • Enjoying that feeling of ‘new house’ and getting to know its quirks. Trying out different commute routes by bike.
  • Planting the olive tree and the blueberries
  • Exploring options in my garden, and actually growing some stuff to eat – season end was my favorite (preserving tomatoes, rose hip tea)
  • Finding joy in my little kitchen
  • Hanging out with the ducks from across the street
  • Cutting roses for bedside bouquets
  • Enjoying being engaged. Getting used to calling Eric my ‘fiance.’


  • Driving away from Mount Hood having graduated from Mazamas Intermediate Climbing School after 9 months of practical training.
  • Recognizing how special my ICS family is
  • Signing the contract for my Invisalign and committing to 50 weeks towards a better smile
  • Placing in my division in my first duathlon
  • Realizing that an 8:20 pace is extremely comfortable for me with a little training
  • Having the guts to complete the swim portion of the Portland Triathlon.
  • Crossing the finish line of my first triathlon. Doing it with a good friend made this a great race.
  • Completing the Portland Century with no limitations.


  • Working with such great people as a personal trainer and exploring my options in a greater capacity
  • Receiving positive career path encouragement from the President of the firm
  • Making the hard decision to focus on one thing


  • Riding bikes in Eric in Seattle on new routes (conservatory garden was a plus)
  • Recognizing that I’ve grown a great new group of friends in Portland
  • Discovering that LL Bean is making my favorite pajamas again

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