What I’m eating lately

Just realized that my diet is pretty damn clean, with the exception of alcohol. I had an ice cream yesterday, the first treat I’ve allowed myself in a really long time. And it wasn’t even that great. I think I’ve set some good habits!

Typical Day:
– 1 cup coffee pre-workout
– Stonyfield yogurt drink or Fage yogurt + flax seed
– String cheese pre-lunch
– 1 cup coffee

– Annie’s brown rice bowl or meat+veggies at Sheridans
– Fruit/berries for snack

– Pre-dinner snack (e.g., last night we had small pieces toast with goat cheese, cucumber, sprinkled with salt and cayenne)
– Meat + veggies for dinner (e.g., last night we had roast chicken + radicchio from garden sauteed with chicken stock, some pine nuts, lemon peel)
– 2 glasses wine or 2 cocktails


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