What I did to my body today 073112

Woke 6am.
Bike to gym.
2 sets:
Squats 40# x 15 / 50# third set
DL 40# x 15 for form

Physical therapy: 3 sets
Robber x 15
Tree hug x 15
Rows x 15 @5#
Straight arm pull downs x 15 @5#
Int/Ext rotation/cable x 15 @2.5#
Scaption x 15 @2.5#
Pushup Plus x 10

Swim: 15 min
4 laps breast
4 laps free
Freestyle was good first 2 laps. Breathing a challenge last 2. Learned how to spit while swimming rather than swallowing. Getting comfortable with goggle suction. Can imagine liking this someday. Once I learn how to breathe. What works: 3 deep breaths before starting. First start by facedown and kicking relaxed, then take first breath.


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